Jillian O’Neill


Jillian founded her interiors business in 2002 and she quickly established its niche by working on modern and luxurious, yet liveable residential spaces. Her work has been featured in various design and lifestyle publications, including Elle Decor, Modern Luxury, Luxe Interiors, New York Spaces, Domino and many more. Forward to over a decade later, her global team executes client's spaces within the foundation of what Jillian began...creating spaces that are livable, curated, elegant and refined. Jillian now brings this signature aesthetic to her highly anticipated line of furnishings that debuted in 2017. 


Jane Thorburn


Jane has spent the last four years working and learning directly with Jillian in Houston and now heads our London office. Jane has bachelors in business and creative industries where she majored in art and design history from the Queensland  University of Technology in her native Australia. Before entering interior design, Jane started her career in fashion, working for popular fashion publications in Sydney. Now, that background directly feeds the level of conceptual creativity within the spaces she designs. Her keen eye paired with her ability to stay in tune with her clients result in extremely elevated spaces.


Kelly Barnett


Kelly honed her skills in design while handling multiple clients with Jillian in Chicago, her native city. Her eye for creating inviting and family friendly spaces with a beautiful aesthetic is unmatched. With an affinity for art and textiles she has an ability to make the most out of layering textures and natural elements to create an equally stunning yet practical result.  Kelly continually guides her clients through the process with ease as she informs them wisely, but is just as comfortable working and collaborating with a team of like minded experts.. Also a fine artist, you can find her work in our shop.